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Northern Rivers Community Gallery | May - June 2023

Jude White and Michelle Walker present an exhibition of works capturing the energies and turmoil in the aftermath of fires and floods in the Northern Rivers. These extraordinary events shattered a sense of safety and security, making many feel helpless and overwhelmed. Images of burnt trees, mud-stained houses and impacted landscapes are overlaid, scaled and remixed depicting a time of great upheaval.

Using a diverse range of media including textiles, wood, metal, ash, mud, pigment and found objects, Walker and White convey a sense of raw force experienced during these events and the loss, disruption and grief that followed.

In her large silk works, White has moved away from her early work, expanding her textile practice to incorporate the natural elements of botanical dyeing, dyed leaves, ash, mud and charcoal. The scale of the work, mirror the powerful forces of nature unleashed on our local region in both events.

White_Jude_Book of a thousand tears_2022.JPEG.jpg
Jude_White- Ash Mud and Tears exhibtion..jpg
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